Top 5 Restaurants in Salem, MA

1. Firenze Trattoria Salem

2 Lynde St. Salem,
MA 01970 – Tel: 978-219-1188

Firenze Trattoria is run by chefZamirKociaj who shares his passion for the authentic tastes of Firenze with the beautiful town of Salem. Merging years of experience with a lively neighborhood vibe, Firenze Trattoria is the perfect place to have delicious dinner in warm and comfortable environment.

2. Turners Seafood

In 1954 James F. Turner opened Turner Fisheries and the place has been a hub ever since. This authentic New England seafood house has a fresh fish market and oyster bar. Turner’s Seafood provides classic lunch and dinner fare, authentic shuck,creative daily specials, and serves oyster bar as well as the city’s only seafood market. Today guests from neighbourhood can enjoy New England’s finest seafood at the restaurant.

3. Red’s Sandwich Shop

15 Central Street,
Salem, MA 01970
Phone: 978-745-3527

If you’re looking for the real Salem, try Red’s Sandwich Shop for breakfast or lunch. The friendly staff of Red’s have been serving the Salem residents for over 50 years.The hearty food has won many awards over the years-most notably for the North Shore’s best breakfast, best coffee, best luncheon, and best bagels. The restaurant also won the Heritage Days’ Chowderfest and has been named on the Boston Globe’s “Cheap Eats” and on the Phantom Gourmet’s “Hidden Jewel”.

4. Ugly Mug Diner

122 Washington St,
Salem, MA 01970, USA

This food joint is a favourite for brunch among Salem residents especially on the weekends. Though the line is long, but it usually moves quickly and the waiting gets easier as they offer you coffee while you wait. The food here is good and the prices are reasonable. The overall atmosphere is fun and busy which students and professionals prefer.

5. Sea Level Oyster Bar

This amazing food joint has water views and offers Oysters, lobster rolls, specialty cocktails & more in a casual atmosphere. Located on beautiful Pickering Wharf, Sea Level Oyster Bar & Kitchen has two floors that offer fun and comfortable dining with beautiful views.There is a sit down raw bar packed with the freshest shellfish around. Make sure to check out their extensive beer list and creative cocktails.The chefs cook up fabulous seafood, gourmet pizzas and much more.

Massachusetts man rescued after more than 4 hours in ocean

Arthur Muscufo began test run of his new 14 foot aluminum boat only to be left helpless for survival in deep ocean. His boat overturned just 30 minutes after he launched from Bass River Beach, in Massachusetts.

“I never thought- taking water is one thing, but because I’m not used to that boat, I had no idea it would flip over that quickly and it did and it was really surprising and really scary,” said Arthur Muscufo.

What became a life saviour for him was the fact that he was wearing a life jacket. However, Muscufo couldn’t feel his feet after hours of exposure. Thethe hours he spent struggling for survival were perhaps the darkest hours of his life.

“You’re just there with your thoughts and I had my watch and I tried not to check it too often…and I’m just thinking- when daylight comes- it will be better. I’ll be able to see the shore and far away it is and make a decision,” said Muscufo.

Coast Guard took about 4 hours to locate Muscufo. He expressed gratitude to the team effort that broughthim home and says, next time he goes boating, he will stay close to shore.

“It’s hard to explain- it’s really just relief. I knew they were going to help me. I was pretty sure that I was the only numbskull out there in a boat. I don’t think they were looking for anybody else so I saw it and I saw that and 2 minutes later, the boat was there and I was in the ER and now I’m in the hospital,” said Muscufo.

Massachusetts gets grant to improve access to justice

BOSTON — a $100,000 grant has been awarded to Massachusetts so that people who cannot afford attorneys can be benefitted with developed strategic plan for improving access to justice.

The grant will be utilized to design programs to address the unmet civil legal needs of indigent people on consumer debt, housing and family law issues as well as to identify gaps in services currently offered.

The Justice for All project of the National Center for State Courts will provide the grant.

The seven states will receive a Justice for All grant and Massachusetts is one of them.

The Massachusetts court system was ranked second in the nation for services provided to people without lawyers by the National Center for Access to Justice.

Call a Cab for a Comfortable Journey

Wherever we go, we think that our journey should be comfortable enough and go smoothly as well. For that purpose we choose a ride that fits our needs and requirements. The car that we take should be well maintained. Any problem in the car could turn out to be a real headache for us. Hence the cab service should ensure that the car they are sending should not have any kind of problem and the journey should go on without any kind of issue.

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Make your day with a great Cab Service

Do you have wanderlust? Many of us are bitten by the bug of wanderlust. We like to travel all around the world and like to explore things and see places. It is one the most beautiful hobby that anyone can have. By roaming around the world you come across many new things, many new people and much new culture. You come to know about many new things that you have never known before. It not only enhances your knowledge and also improves your personality as well. Therefore travelling is the best thing that you can do to accumulate more knowledge and know the world in better way.

However your travel arrangements should be in a good way or else the experience of yours will be a sour one if the transportation that you choose is a bad one. Hence when you set out of home to go anywhere be wise to choose your mode of transport. The first thing that we require when we go out of home is a taxi. Be it going to the airport or any other place, the taxi ride should be comfortable otherwise it will spoil your mood right at the start of the journey.

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Choose the Best Transport of Arlington

The metropolis of Arlington offers an extensive variety of transportation offerings to pick out from. Better then  all of , it is visible that Taxi offerings are one of the maximum desired alternatives many of the humans. In this text, we’re going to speak about why taxis are the primary choice in relation to transportation in Arlington.

For non-public vehicle owners, taxis have emerged as a substitute due to its affordability. With growing fee over fuel and upkeep for a non-public car, Arlington airport minivan service may be an awesome alternative as it’s far a lot less expensive. Besides, it also offers brief and dependable transportation.

You just want to make a call or an internet booking, and may be assured that they will choose you up proper on time. As maximum of the taxi organizations best rent professional and courteous drivers, there may be no trouble at some point of your tour as they may cope with the whole thing you want. Drivers of the Arlington airport minivan service are recognized for his or her specialization of their work which comes with years of experience.

One of the vital reasons to choose a taxi in Arlington is because it gives relaxing and fun traveling revel in. You cannot handiest travel in and around the town with it, but can also experience a night out with friends. Having a taxi to your travel can even shop a whole lot of it slow as the drivers will ensure that you don’t should wasting even single minute. Moreover, the taxi is one of the most dependable ones inside the city that you can stumble upon with.

Don’t worry to travel with your child

Having children is the most delightful thing. Their innocence is simply mesmerizing and their giggles and mischief keeps the house warm and happy. The kids are the bond that keeps the family together and whatever the parents do or earn is mainly for the sake of children. So it is important that every need of the children is taken care off. Holidaying with children is the most fun filled affair that we experience. It is a sheer joy that cannot be explained in words and can be felt only. Therefore while travelling with the kids; you must take utmost care of them so that they don’t feel any kind of problem.

For that purpose you need to hire the right kind of cab service. And for that there is nothing better than Boston Airport Car Service. The cabs service has special services for the groups and families who are travelling with children. For them they have special seating arrangement in their car. Most of the families who have children in the family generally opt for the minivan services. The Logan Taxi Cab-Minivan Child Seats are especially customized for the kids so that they don’t face any kind of hassle while traveling long distances. It is not for the normal children but also for the small infants. Their comfort in taken into consideration and accordingly the seating arrangement is made. Apart from that the minivans are also taken by the large groups as they can accommodate max number of people that is around 6-7 people in the vehicle and with adequate luggage space that thing is the main benefit of hiring the minivans. It is also ideal for the big corporate house who wants to have a meeting while on the move.

Get the best price on Logan airport taxi MA

Money is one thing that we all want to save no matter what we are. Be it a rich guy or a poor guy, everyone looks for the ways to save some money and to earn some sort of profit as well. We all toil too much in life to earn money so that we can fulfill our requirements and look after our family as well. Hence we would not like to lose some money unnecessarily on anything and take utmost care that not a penny of us is wasted. Yes we all want to enjoy our life at the same time and but we all have our budget constraint as well. So keeping that in mind we have to take steps accordingly.

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Travel in a stress free way with Arlington airport transfer

There’s no doubt that public commutation like trains, buses and cars are to be had in Arlington, but these assets take a variety of time and you may ought to face so many issues to succeed in your workplace and other related schedules. Irrespective of you are moving with your pal or circle of relatives, its miles positive that you’ll in a need of absolutely relaxation. For this reason you should hire an Arlington to Boston airport transfer, as it’s miles the finest solution on your desires. There are many human beings who prefer taxi provider for journeying in overseas or in their neighborhood areas. They continually need to live far away from the difficulties and they want a high-level of rest. In case you are one that require satisfactory transfer with the facilities, you then ought to travel in Arlington Airport go back and forth.

In case you need to make your whole journey stress less and also you need to choose taxi offerings for flexibilities, then you have to find a corporation this is professional and having many years’ enjoy in imparting transfer services.  Everyone is aware of that taking a protracted avenue trip is really a tough task, especially whilst you will attend a commercial enterprise meeting or you are shifting with your kids. A professional enterprise will make your entire journey unproblematic and you may live secure from every setback.

Weekend Events in and Around Cambride, MA

Student Marketplace and Makerspace Open House

Date : 17th June (Friday)
Time : 5 to 7 p.m
Venue: The Possible Project, 107 Portland St., Area IV.
Entry Fee: FREE
Bytes: Free burgers and hot dogs, 3D Printer Demo, Live DJ and more.

ArtBeat 2015: “Loops”

Date : 17th and 18th June (Friday & Saturday)
Time : 6 to 10 p.m (fri), 11 a.m to 6 p.m (sat)
Venue: Davis Square, Somerville, MA, USA
Entry Fee: FREE
Bytes: dozen-plus bands, dance troupes, 75 craft vendors and food stalls

Summer Radio Mystery Theatre: “Night of the Super Sleuths”

Date : 17th and 18th June (Friday & Saturday)
Time : 8 p.m (fri), 2 p.m to 8 p.m (sat)
Venue: Davis Square, Somerville, MA, USA
Entry Fee: $10
Bytes: Mystery loaded stage acts

Spellbound Comics #1” Launch Party

Date : 18th July (Saturday)
Time 6 p.m to 10 p.m
Venue: 561 Windsor St., near Union and Inman squares in Somerville
Entry Fee: FREE
Bytes: Comics Fans, Light Refreshments

Tommy: A Bluegrass Opry

Date : 19th July (Sunday)
Time: 8 p.m
Venue: Passim, 47 Palmer St., Harvard Square
Entry Fee: $20
Bytes: Rock Opera, Musical Drama