Massachusetts man rescued after more than 4 hours in ocean

Arthur Muscufo began test run of his new 14 foot aluminum boat only to be left helpless for survival in deep ocean. His boat overturned just 30 minutes after he launched from Bass River Beach, in Massachusetts.

“I never thought- taking water is one thing, but because I’m not used to that boat, I had no idea it would flip over that quickly and it did and it was really surprising and really scary,” said Arthur Muscufo.

What became a life saviour for him was the fact that he was wearing a life jacket. However, Muscufo couldn’t feel his feet after hours of exposure. Thethe hours he spent struggling for survival were perhaps the darkest hours of his life.

“You’re just there with your thoughts and I had my watch and I tried not to check it too often…and I’m just thinking- when daylight comes- it will be better. I’ll be able to see the shore and far away it is and make a decision,” said Muscufo.

Coast Guard took about 4 hours to locate Muscufo. He expressed gratitude to the team effort that broughthim home and says, next time he goes boating, he will stay close to shore.

“It’s hard to explain- it’s really just relief. I knew they were going to help me. I was pretty sure that I was the only numbskull out there in a boat. I don’t think they were looking for anybody else so I saw it and I saw that and 2 minutes later, the boat was there and I was in the ER and now I’m in the hospital,” said Muscufo.

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