Hope for Cab and Taxi companies in Boston after Olympic Bid

Boston is the official choice as the main city to host 2024 Olympics. U.S. Olympic Committee cleared the name of Boston today and this news has been received with cheers from tai and cab companies and hotel industry. Logan Airport is very well equipped to handle this traffic and since most of the hotels are in Essex or Sunflok counties, a 30 min drive from Logan airport, transportation would be important.

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“It is a very good sign that we were selected in this first round. That is pretty impressive. There must have been tremendous merit in the proposal for that to happen.” said Ann Marie Casey, executive director of the North of Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Logan Airport Express and associates are ready to take up the challenge and provide safe and comfortable rides for visitors. Let’s hope Boston bags the right to host 2024 Olympics. Our fleet of Sedans, SUVs and Minivans would be useful for all types of visitors. We even have shuttle services from Logan Airport for visitors to share rides.

When people come for Olympics it is only natural that they would go for sightseeing in and around Boston. So our long distance services would be required too. Rides to Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod, Mohegan Sun Casino, Berkshire Mountains and other places of tourist importance are also available.

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